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Most of us know by now that good agricultural drainage increases overall yield and better utilizes applied inputs. After nearly 20 years of conventional drainage sales and service we at Long Enterprises LLC are redirecting our focus from conventional drainage solutions to what has come to be known as Conservation Drainage.  Instead of simply removing excess water from our fields we are now finding ways to manage water that may be in excess today, to treat it as it leaves our fields or better yet save it for a dryer time when we may need it back on the field.


What is conservation drainage?

By in large this is surface channels and plains and or subsurface laterals and mains just like we’ve always done.  Now however, we are adding (mostly) edge of field amendments to reduce the amount of “crop nutrients” that may become “stream contaminants” as they leave our fields in drainage water.

Does the arid climate of Kansas Truly Warrant Conservation Drainage?

Every summer we in south central Kansas hear of recreational lakes restricting water from swimming, fishing, and pets drinking at local lakes due to blooms of blue green algae.  Blue green algae feeds on nitrates and more so phosphorus that potentially drains off of farm fields.  In addition, it all flows downhill.  Though a lesser contribution than some of our neighbors, nitrates in Kansas streams finds their way to the Golf and contributes to hypoxia.

Does the NRCS still frown on AG drainage?

Recently the NRCS has implemented several Conservation Practice Standards (CPS’s) that we believe can be used to capture all of the yield advantages of conventional drainage with the environmental advantages of good conservation stewardship.  This means that conservation drainage could be supported by EQIP cost share programs.

Recent Supreme Court Rulings have dramatically reduced the number of depressions that fall under Federal jurisdiction. State clean water regulations and permitting still apply, but are much less stringent.

What Might Conservation Drainage Amendments to Conventional Drainage in South Central Kansas Look Like?

Drainage Water Recycling

Drainage Water Management

Constructed Wetlands

Two Stage Ditches

Multipurpose Oxbows

Saturated Buffers


Samples of Our Work

This site is very much under construction so check back from time to time for more exciting news about Conservation Drainage and what Long Enterprises LLC can do to help you increase yields while you work to make your farm a better place for those who will follow after you tomorrow, and for your friends and neighbors today.

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